As the global market leader in full-line chemical distribution (based on most recent market data), we are well aware of our responsibility to the environment. To that end, we offer solutions for the adherence to current as well as future emission standards. One example is our work with Adblue, a non-toxic urea solution, which is used predominantly by manufacturers of commercial vehicles.

We are convinced, that social balance and an intact environment are prerequisites for long-term success in business. An ongoing, sustainable development in the area of environmental protection requires the conservative use of natural resources; and, so, our knowledge and our solutions work in tandem towards a better environment.

Already during the development process for products and services, we are thinking about possible ramifications for the environment. It is our goal – even beyond the demands of current regulations – to avoid damages to the world in which we live or at least keep them to an absolute minimum.

Sustainability is crucial during the production process, as well: from the manufacture of our products to their use and even beyond to recycling possibilities or environmentally sustainable disposal.

We feel responsible for the world in which we live and, therefore, work towards preserving the environment in all the areas in which we’re active.

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