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Donauchem in Hungary focuses on the distribution of a large range of chemicals and equipment, like
  • Base Chemicals
    Base Chemicals

    We offer a wide portfolio of products like acids, lyes, metal salts, solvents and intermediates.

  • Food

    We support you with the taste, color, texture & stability of your final product

  • Feed

    We supply you with microelements, vitamines, preservatives and nutraceuticals.

  • Water

    With an extensive expertise in the production and formulation of coagulants, acidity regulators and biocides we can offer a reliable technical support for water treatment projects.

  • Pools

    Pool chemicals a range of proven and highly effective products that make your pool a pleasant place throughout the season.

  • Galvanisation

    Higly efficient products, working environmentaly friendly, which bring economical effect to their consumers - Our Partner is Coventya.

  • Pumps & Filtration
    Pumps & Filtration

    We are official agent of SERFILCO® in Hungary

  • Activated Carbon
    Activated Carbon

    Broad range of activated carbon tailored to the specific needs of the various air, gas and water cleaning applications

  • Automotive

    AdBlue® and a series of unique products and solutions, developed by Donauchem Austria, for the cleaning & maintenance of cars, trucks and busses

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