Water Technology

Water TechnologyWith an extensive expertise in the production and formulation of coagulants, acidity regulators and biocides we can offer a reliable technical support for water treatment projects.

Besides our technical evaluation we also have competitively priced commodities and economic specialty solutions for your processes.

Sewage Water

Many years experience in the treatment of municipal and industrial effluents have made us a leading operation in the field of active waste management. In this field, we have won points with our traditional iron (III) chloride product Donau Klar® and with the recent challengers Donau PAC® and Donau ALF® as a mixed product and the polymer products in the Donau Multifloc range.

Our strengths are:
  • elimination of phosphates
  • splitting emulsions
  • flocculation processes
  • technical consultancy services
  • sludge conditioning
  • treatment of sewage and sludge

Potable Water

Demand for safe drinking water will increase further in the future, with the topic of safety playing a crucial role: in this connection, safety in the 100% destruction of pathogens, safety in broad-spectrum effects, safety in sustained product application – all this and more has to be satisfied.
In addition, we are moving into aluminium-based purification technology, which will set quality standards in this field over the next few years. We are, for example, positioning our product Calcifloc with this in mind.

Our expertise encompasses:
  • disinfecting
  • removing cloudiness
  • removing colour
  • removing algae
  • removing humin
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