AdBlue® & automotive and transport care


for car owners and fleet managers having Euro 4 and 5 engines

Pack size:

  • in 1m3 IBC with connection of loading and emptying pump
  • in 200L one-way plastic drum

Winter and summer windshield washing liquid

High concentration ensures that insects and other residues dissolve efficiently from the windshield of cars in both winter and summer; it cleans without stripes.
Thereby it provides continuous and secure sight through the windshield for the driver.

Pack size:

· in 1m3 one-way IBC
· in 200L one-way plastic barrel

Antifreeze solution 

Ethylene glycol-based antifreeze solution, concentrated (up to -72 Cº) or in 1:1 dilution up to - 36 Cº.
The product complies with ÖNORM V 5123 standard.

Pack size:
  • in 1m3 returnable IBC
  • in 200L returnable drum
  • in 50L returnable can
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