"Anybody wishing to fulfil their dreams must have the courage to change."

"As a man and an entrepreneur, I would like to express one thought that is of fundamental importance for me: in its fruition, life resembles an upwardly targeted spiral whose coils are the result of a constantly interrelated process of learning, recognising, understanding and implementing. This means that the process remains the same - but what changes is the scale of values."

Alain F. de Krassny
Chairman of the Advisory Board of Donau Chemie AG

More than twelve years ago DONAU CHEMIE Group became a family-owned business, returning to the form it originally had 170 years ago.

In my opinion, this corporate form has brought a number of advantages. The clear and efficient ownership structure allows us to think in the long term, while ensuring flexible and rapid decision-making processes. It also offers us the opportunity to overcome setbacks with a socially responsible attitude.

For a medium-sized chemicals company this is of great importance today, as our industry is exposed to stiff challenges such as regulations like REACH, CO2 certification, and those governing the transportation of hazardous goods.

The availability and price of many raw materials has also become more volatile and the energy market, especially the electricity market, has changed from a monopoly to an oligopoly.

Thanks to the trust placed in us by our customers, our outstanding staff and a focus on ethical business practices our group has developed successfully and is well equipped to face the future.
We are highly diversified in the areas of inorganic chemicals and the manufacture and distribution of chemical products and mixtures. This offers us excellent opportunities for the future.

Showing respect in our dealings with people and the environment is particularly important to us. The quality of our actions, personal safety and an appropriate approach to the environment will therefore remain our fundamental values. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff and our customers, who are enabling us to gain increased respect.
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